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How to Make Art

The short answer: send us an email.

The longer answer: build a network of creatives that supports and challenges you -- and then send us an email!

Art is not possible without collaboration. Here are some of our favorite collaborators.

created by John Phillips

Webseries, 2022

Art imitates life in this award winning comedy about a group of Actors all up for roles on the same pilot. Grab yourself a cup!!

Film Festival, Los Angeles

1998 to Present

Film Festival, Tarzana

2021 to Present

Film Festival, Los Angeles

2024 to Present

Production House, Andrew Bennet

2019 to Present

If you are in need of production help in Texas, this should be your first call. Professional, proficient, and great to work with -- there is not shoot too big or small for this team of Creatives.

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