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DCP Upload Portal

Firstly, CONGRATULATIONS on your Film's Selection!!

You are in the minority of filmmakers who have been selected to screen at this year's Festival.

Please read the following specifics carefully:

  • Before transferring your film, export at the highest setting possible

  • (preferably, Apple ProRes 422 or 4444)

  • Label your film files as follows: TITLE_dimensionxdimension_FilmMakersLastName_TZIFF

  • for example: MYFILM_1920x1080_Smith_TZIFF

  • If you already have a DCP, there is no fee to upload your film for screening unless a QC is necessary.

  • A member of Echo Park DCP will reach out within 24 hrs to confirm receipt and provide a quote.

  • Payment will be needed before the DCP creation can begin, and most films with a runtime of 4-25 minutes will range between $55-$170. On average, our DCP creation costs $4.25-$7.25/minute with a base charge of $50.


All Filmmakers will be provided a digital copy of their DCP, for future Festival or personal use, free of charge.​

Congratulations, again, we look forward to hearing from you!!

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