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DCP Los Angeles


We are committed to a streamlined DCP and editing process.  Often times all necessary files and media can be uploaded remotely to us via WeTransfer or MASV.  Our prices are set to empower the freelance artist, not profiteer off them, and we are committed to 100% customer satisfaction.

  • Digital Cinema Packages (DCPs) range from $4.25/minute to $7.25/minute depending on length.

  • There is a $50 Set-Up Fee for DCPs of films shorter than 60 minutes.

  • Providing a Hard-drive copy of a DCP is an additional $60.

  • Actor Reels start as low as $50/minute.

  • Short Film, Pilot, and Feature Film edits vary between $39-99/minute depending on length.  

  • PLEASE NOTEWe will provide ALL Filmmakers with a copy of their DCP, but we do not keep DCPs on file for more than thirty (30) days after transfer.

  • The cost of RESENDING a DCP is $65.

  • Rush Jobs (24-48 hr turnaround) are an additional $125.

  • We offer a DCP Price Match!! If there are editing houses offering lower prices, we will match them (Subject to Approval)!!


Thank you for trusting​ us with your project!!


DCP Creation for the Masses

In 2015, we finished post editing on our first TV Pilot. We were excited, broke, hopeful, exhausted, and in need of Digital Cinema Project for a Film Festival run. 

The prices offered online and in Los Angeles were EXTREME, and given how much blood, sweat, and tears we'd poured into the project spending another $300-500 on a Digital Cinema Project felt impossible.

We know the feeling!! Let us help get your project ready for the big screen while keeping your credit score intact!

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